Steel Connections (NW) Ltd provide portal frame calculations and design steel portal frame buildings in accordance with EN 1993-1-1 and BS 5502-22 for Class 2 agricultural buildings. We are not Chartered Structural Engineers, but are highly knowledgeable in the software we use, having had two areas inputted to recent releases plus years of experience working for UK leading portal frame companies/ past data.

We have been in the agricultural market for several years, so we understand the needs of the fabricator in a tight competitive industry.

Buildings are designed to elastic and elastic-plastic methods and rigorous minimum weight plastic design, which include second order and stability checks.

What’s included in a standard portal frame calculation

  • Assumption document (vital for CE Conformity)
  • Main Frame Design
  • Base Plate Design (one per frame, worst case scenario)
  • Eaves Connection (one per frame, worst case scenario)
  • Apex Connection (one per frame, worst case scenario)
  • Wind co-efficient Document
  • Gable Column Size (taken at worst case scenario)
  • Roof Bracing Size (number of bracing’s)
  • Vertical Bracing Size (number of bracing’s)
  • Eaves Tie Size (to worst case bay size)
  • If you are on Zed Purlins Full Design (size to Metsec spec)

All the above connection details and base plate have weld sizes

We provide the portal frame calculations and associated connection detailed drawings that your fabrication shop will easily use, in conjunction with your own fabrication drawing.

All weld sizes to pass or full strength, the option is yours. This will allow your responsible welding co-ordinator to spend time checking and welding rather than time spent in the office calculating weld sizes.

Whether you are a fabrication shop or a contractor that buys in your frames, this service will maximize your profitability and will save you money!

We offer a pricing scheme which give you only the main steel sizes, these are only for pricing purpose and are not to be used for manufacture unless accompanied with the full calculation pack. Please contact us for details which links to the contact form on contact page.

This Covers the Following Buildings;

  • Agricultural Class 2 Buildings: – Livestock, General Purpose, Hay store (none load bearing)
  • Agricultural Class1 Buildings: – ¬†Dairy, Equine, or Workshop
  • Industrial BS EN 1990+A1:2005, BS5950, None Loadbearing Wall

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